Born & Crafted in Byron Bay

Eco friendly food boards crafted from sustainably sourced Australian grown timber

Serving platters, chopping boards, cheese boards, bread boards...

About Our Brand


Eco Food Boards was born in the natural beauty of Byron Bay and as such caring for the environment and being sustainable is paramount to this family-run business . All of their boards are handcrafted from ethically sourced Camphor Laurel timber harvested right here in the Northern Rivers region. This plays a huge role in helping the growth of local, native vegetation. By purchasing an Eco Food Board, you’re both helping the planet and supporting our local farmers.
Not only that but the camphor laurel timber contains naturally anti-bacterial properties making it the most hygienic food board for your kitchen. The unique variety of grain ensure that no two boards are ever the same! The timber varies in how it looks due to exactly where the tree was growing, how much rain the tree soaked up and how much beautiful Byron sunshine it absorbed as it grew.

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No two boards are exactly the same thanks to the beauty of the Camphor Laurel grain

Our Mission

Eco Food Board Picnic

To bring the stunning natural beauty of wooden food boards onto your kitchen bench, your dining room table and your outdoor entertaining occasions.

Food presentation has become just as important as the dish itself and Eco Food Boards bring this element of the dining experience to life.

With no two pieces ever the same, Eco Food Boards are as unique as the settings and situations you create for your family and friends.

Whether you’re a high end chef or a star of your own kitchen, Eco Food Boards bring a safe, durable and ultimately beautiful piece of recycled nature to each and every cooking and dining experience you create.

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