5 Things You Need To Know About Owning Wooden Chopping Boards

Caring for your Eco Food Board is easy and ensures that your unique piece of timber will have years and years of use.

Eco Food Boards Care Card

1. Board Maintenance

After use, simply wash your wooden chopping board with hot soapy water and dry with a towel. To keep your board beautiful, maintenance is easy; oil the board every three to six months or at least once a year minimum. We find Christmas time is a memorable time to do this when prepping for Christmas lunch.  Make sure to only use a light-based food oil, e.g vegetable oil or grape seed oil (and not olive oil). Regular oiling refreshes the board, brings the natural fragrance and colour back and gives it a nice drink to stop it from drying out too much.  When a board is used a lot and washed a lot, it does dry out.

2. Antibacterial Timber

All of the timber we use is naturally antibacterial however Camphor Laurel tests really well in regards to not giving bacteria a good home. We have been crafting boards since 1998 and we still get a lot people saying they have an original from then. Our boards are really durable, well-made and a lot of love goes into creating them. However, we do recommend it is worth considering replacing wooden chopping boards around the 10 year mark.


Broken Head Small Bread Board


3. Re-sand your favourite board
We come across a lot of customers who absolutely adore the board they have picked or have been gifted. In these cases, we are happy for you to drop in to our Byron Bay showroom or send us your board and we’ll re-sand it to try and get it smooth again.  Not all of the time can we return it to its original state but it definitely freshens them up for a small price.  When it comes to smaller boards, it is usually more cost effective to replace with a new board.


4. Separate boards for Veggies and Meats?
We’re often asked if you need to have a board for meat and one for vegetables. That is really up to you and your personal preferences. There’s always the option to have us engrave your boards so you know which is which!


Brunswick Platter Chopping Board
5. Wear and Tear
Often when you chop lots of things on the board with a serrated knife it does dig into the timber over time and unfortunately this is something that is very difficult to avoid. Knife scratches will happen…but the Camphor Laurel timber is medium density and it really does wear well.  If after time, your board is really cut up or has a dip in the wood, then it may be worth considering replacing the board.


By taking all of these tips on board, you will enjoy many years using your Eco Food Board in your home. On purchase, we’ll also include a little Care Card with each board so you don’t forget how to show the love your wooden chopping board deserves!


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