Visit our Byron Bay Showroom

Our Byron Bay Showroom is where all of the Eco Food Board magic happens.  We are a sustainable, family-run business and create our boards lovingly by hand in Byron Bay. All of our products are crafted from naturally anti-bacterial camphor laurel timber, ethically sourced from the surrounding areas. We use trees from Murwillumbah to Lismore. So as you can see, common theme here is local – we are Australian made and support our local environment!


Eco Food Boards Showroom

If you’re in the area, we would love to welcome you to our countryside showroom, located on Woodford Lane just past the The Farm, Byron Bay.  The “boardroom” showcases a huge variety of boards in all shapes and sizes, each one totally unique.
(Our showroom doors are beautiful 200 years old reclaimed fire station doors from Roma St, Brisbane)
We’ve been very busy lately with renovations and have more boards and timber on display than ever. With a wide range of shapes and sizes on offer, there’s a board for everyone and everything, from the humble cheese board to the party platter.

Any foodie in your life would swoon over receiving an Eco Food Board as a gift. A fantastic idea for a wedding or housewarming present.


Eco Food Boards Showroom CollectionThere are stacks of reasons why you should add an Eco Food Board to your kitchen.Our boards are hewn from one single piece of Camphor Laurel timber with only one join if there is an added Rosewood timber handle, which is glued, screwed and dowelled into place – solid as! A statement piece for any kitchen to be enjoyed for a long, long time!

But wait…there’s more! The offcuts from the boards are bundled up and offered free as firewood for anyone who wants to pop in.

We are open weekdays from 8am-4pm and will happily assist you in finding the perfect board to suit your needs. We can also create custom and engraved boards for a more personalised product.

Not in Byron Bay? Not a problem, you can shop our boards via our online store.

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