How To Make The Perfect Grazing Platter Board

Impress your guests at your next social gathering with a beautiful grazing platter loaded with delicious, fresh local produce and served on a stunning, Camphor Laurel Eco Food Board A must-have for any dinner party to serve as your guests arrive with a glass of wine or champagne .

Federal Antipasto Platter

Federal Board

Our handy guide will give you all the tips and tricks to wow your friends, family or special someone.


First things first, a good quality board is needed to display your beautiful creation. We have a fantastic range of platter boards available with seven shapes and sizes in stock on our site. From double handled to paddle handled boards, we have the perfect style for any occasion. 

Quality Over Quantity

Use quality ingredients for your platter board, even better if purchased from local suppliers. Where you’ve sourced your food from can often be a talking point at gatherings and the fresher, the better in our book. Bite size nibbles of cheese and meats form the foundation to your grazing board, balanced out with a variety of crackers, fruits, nuts, olives and dips.

Cheese Please

We recommend mixing things up and choosing varying cheese styles and textures. Include a mix of aged, firm, soft and blue cheeses to cover all bases and add a delicious homemade or locally sourced dip to complement.

Meat Lovers

Again, variety is key here. Select sliced meats such as salami, chorizo and saucisson for the perfect antipasto platter.

Feast Your Eyes

Make your grazing board a visual feast. People “eat with their eyes” and a great way to grab guests attention is to use a variety of textures and colourful fruits such as berries and grapes. Edible flowers are also a great touch!

Platter By Numbers

Group foods into threes for an attractive symmetry. Add three cheeses, three types of crackers and three varieties of fruit to your platter. Make sure to space these out across the board and fill in any gaps with berries, nuts or edible flowers. Spacing out items like this also ensures guests can reach the platter items easily.

There you have it! Our top tips for mastering the art of the perfect party platter. Shop our platter boards now and start organising your next social gathering. Free shipping Australia wide.


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