About Us

Bringing Friends, Food and Beautiful Boards Together

We love what we do, where we do it and sharing it with you.

Variety of Boards

Fruit and Cheese Food Platter
Beautiful to look at, beautiful to use…

The variety of sizes of food boards we offer means there’s a board for everyone and everything – vegetable chopping, meat slicing, cheese boards, serving platters, bread boards, centre pieces, wall displays, bath caddies… The only limit is your imagination!

If you have a vision of the board you simply must have but can’t find it on our website then get in touch with us…we can make a custom board that is simply just for you – seriously!

Each and every board is unique – the beautiful grains of the Camphor Laurel tree ensure that. There are literally no two boards exactly the same.

Chefs and restaurants across Australia use our boards to showcase their creations…next time your dish arrives presented on a food board have a peek at the logo to see if it’s an Eco Food Board.

Quality of Boards

Chopping board vegetables
Our boards really do stand out

Eco Food Boards are 100% Australian grown and 100% Australian made. Sourced in Byron Bay. Created in Byron Bay. Crafted in Byron Bay.

If you’re in the area, please come on down and visit our showroom…see where the magic happens.

Eco Food Boards are hewn from one single piece of Camphor Laurel timber with only one join if there is an added Rosewood timber handle, which is glued, screwed and dowelled into place – solid as!

Any foodie in your life would swoon at receiving an Eco Food Board as a gift. They are statement pieces, gorgeously crafted and will be a part of their kitchen for a long, long, long time – each time they use it they’ll think of you!

Our Team

We are all over your enquiries and sales questions. You’ll always know where we’re up to on your order and we can even send photos of your special order boards as they are being created.

We stand behind our boards with a Satisfaction Guarantee. If all the Care Instructions have been followed and there is still an issue – we’ll either fix it or replace your board. Promise.

Have any questions? Want more info on Camphor Laurel? Need to order a board immediately? Then don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email…or just jump straight to the Shop Page – good luck trying to choose!!