We’ve Got On Board With Afterpay

We know the feeling too well when multiple gifting occasions all come up at once! The endless number of birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, housewarming and thank you gifts surprise you in the same month. Luckily the crew here at Eco Food Boards have teamed up with Afterpay to help you afford these milestones. No need to worry about struggling to afford the luxuries in life when you can shop now, enjoy now and pay later!

Need a little encouragement?

Here are our top 5 benefits of using AfterPay:

1. Shop with ease and convenience for your Afterpay Gifts on our Eco Food Boards site even when cash flow is tight. We have stacks of small, medium, large and platter boards to choose from and something for everybody’s price range and budget. With only four fortnightly payments totalling to your order amount, the instalments are significantly lower and more manageable than paying upfront.

2. Shop in bulk. Starting an entire new collection of chopping boards for your kitchen? Or need to buy multiple gifts at once? Afterpay splits your order total 4 ways so you can buy now and pay off incrementally later. Goodbye struggling to make ends meet until payday!

Byron Bay Cheese Board

3. Best of both worlds. No need to worry about sacrificing the essential groceries for a week to be able to afford a beautiful wedding gift. With Afterpay, you can have it all and spend with ease.

Byron Bay Lighthouse Boards

4. Afterpay purchases do not attract interest fees compared to credit cards or loans making it a hassle-free and safe way to buy goods using credit methods.

5. Afterpay is super easy to use while on-the-go, anywhere and anytime. Once you’re all set up and have your cards linked, all you have to do is simply sign in with your username and password while on the move. We all lead such busy lives these days that it’s testing to find enough time in the day to organise gifts let alone go through the payment process of typing in your card details on mobile. With AfterPay shopping is streamlined with helpful payment plans making the purchase decision much easier along with a straight-forward sign-in method to complete your order.

If you’ve never used it, consider checking out this Afterpay for beginners guide to be comfortable that it’s a suitable online payment service for you, before you ‘get on board’.

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