Eco Food Boards Housewarming Gift Guide

EcoChoppingBoards - Housewarming Party

Tearing your hair out over Housewarming Gift ideas? Why not welcome your loved ones into their new home with a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind Eco Food Board!


Eco Food Boards Sliced Bread
We understand how difficult it can be to choose a practical present for your friends or relatives to help make their new house a home. Take the stress away and pick a board from our beautiful collection. We have something for everyone in our range of products all of which can be customised or personalised to suit the recipients taste and needs. Not only are our boards stylish, they are eco-friendly and sustainably crafted in Byron Bay using locally sourced Camphor Laurel. This gorgeous timber has the most unique grain and is naturally anti-bacterial making it the perfect kitchen companion.

Our stylish small and medium sized chopping boards are perfect for day-to-day food prep in the kitchen, from slicing bread, presenting cheese boards to cutting meats to throw on the grill.
If they love to cook up a storm and entertain on the regular with BBQ’s and dinner parties, then maybe you should consider purchasing from our range of large boards or platters , which are sure to impress guests at occasions.

Eco Food Boards Family Platter
Shop Now from the comfort of your couch and give your loved ones a gift they’ll cherish and enjoy for years.

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